WWE 2K17 Looks Terrible

WWE 2K17 – Would Somebody Stop the Damn Match?

WWE 2K17 is the latest wrestling game that will be released in October. Now I have really been invested in the WWE product in the last year or so. I have the WWE Network, and watch Raw and Smackdown on a pretty consistent basis. I also try and catch NXT and the new CWC. Needless to say I was pretty interested to see how the new WWE video game would look. I did my research and looked at some gameplay and trailers, and dear lord there is no way I am buying this game at full price.

WWE 2K17 looks terrible.

I’m usually not a big stickler on graphics. I still enjoy playing older games that haven’t aged well. WWE 2K17 just looks sad. Some of the characters don’t even look like the wrestlers they represent! I look at the EA games, and while the gameplay really hasn’t evolved, their graphics and character models seem to get better each year. One of the worst things to look at is the hair of each wrestler. It almost looks like each wrestler is wearing a bowl of spaghetti on their head.

This makes me feel bad for the wrestlers with long hair, and especially the women. The Women’s division has been the best it’s been for as long as I can remember, and they are rewarded with terrible models and hair physics. If you want to take the Women’s roster seriously, then they need the same attention to detail as the men get.

The game claims to have the biggest roster of all time, which is pretty cool, but if the graphics and gameplay aren’t up to par, then what’s the point?

Another thing that bugs me is that Brock Lesnar is on the cover. You know, the guy who just got popped for using a banned substance and neither the WWE nor UFC punished him for it. It’s kind of sad to have a cheater like Brock Lesnar representing your game and brand. I know that he is a HUGE draw for both companies, but I wish they had some standards. I’m sure that there are other guys doping, but at least they’re not getting caught. They should give the cover to someone new and who’s over with the fans. Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, Sasha Banks, A.J. Styles, etc. These wrestlers are full timers. They care about the business and wrestle everyday. Brock just shows up to collect his paycheck once a month.

For a new era in the WWE, WWE 2K17 seems like the same old crap. I think that this is a big missed opportunity for the WWE to capitalize on all of the new talent and push them instead of focusing on a part timer. It gives the full time wrestlers more credibility and the respect that they deserve.

However, if you are still a fan of WWE games and are going to buy the game no matter what, check out my affiliate link below to purchase it.

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