Why Are Americans so Selfish? | A Look at Taxes and Healthcare

Mitch Mcconnell is trying to take away medicaid/medicaid from Americans.

Yesterday, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced that he was pushing back the vote on Trumpcare because he didn’t have enough Republican support. This is a short term victory for Democrats because it gives the people some time to go to town halls and share their opinions on the bill with their representatives. Some Republicans will have town halls, while others will stay at home to avoid the uproar. Hopefully with the recent CBO score, Americans will voice their displeasure and show their frustration with the attempted rushed passage.

I was thinking about healthcare and why it’s so difficult for the United States to have a decent system, and I came to the conclusion that 1) Americans are selfish and 2) taxes are the devil.

For some reason (I’m still researching and trying to figure this out), Americans are some of the most selfish people on this planet. Take healthcare for example. What is wrong with paying a little more in taxes to insure that people can afford the medications and medical services that they need in order to lead a healthy life, and in some cases to just survive? This of course describes a single payer healthcare system. Something that freaks a lot of people out because socialism is the devil’s best friend (even though public schools, police, and more are socialist institutions).

In my opinion, healthcare is a human right. Everyone deserves the opportunity to see a doctor and get medical treatment no matter what the cost. It is just the right thing to do. We are talking about improving people’s lives through treatment or medication. It boggles my mind that there is a large portion of people who don’t wan’t some sort of a single payer healthcare system in America.

Taxes Are So Evil!!

But I have to remember that taxes are the evilest thing in the world. Taxes have been demonized throughout this country. Every time there is a Republican running for office or talking about economics, the first thing they mention are tax cuts (secretly for the wealthy). But, they mention tax cuts in a way that they forget that taxes pay for the government and its services. Are there some services that get too much tax payer money? Of course.

People always complain about taxes being too high, but most of their federal tax goes to the military every pay period! Now that is another blog post for another time, but just imagine if some of the military money was adjusted so that it went into Medicare or Medicaid?

Even if Medicare and Medicaid were to receive more tax payer money, people would still complain that they don’t want to pay for other people’s health care. I understand that some people abuse the system. There are always going to be people looking for a way to game the system and benefit. However, the vast majority of people are using Medicare and Medicaid for the right reasons.

I can’t comprehend why people in America are so selfish when it comes to paying taxes into something that benefits everyone in the country. Everyone is going to get sick, and every day families experience a medical emergency that comes out of nowhere. If anything, shouldn’t people feel a little good that they provided the means for someone to get healthier? Or have we as a country decided that every man is for themselves?

As a country, we can only get stronger by working together for the common good. To often people vote and act against their own interests in thinking about only themselves. The citizens of this country need to look at the nation in a broader picture to truly see the benefits of a single payer health care system.

The rest of the world has already made the switch, but of course Americans have to do things are own way and stand alone.


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