The Mass Effect Series Could Be Over

Mass Effect: Andromeda

According to Kotaku, the Mass Effect Series is on a hiatus. With all of the negative feedback about the animations and the mediocre reviews of Mass Effect: Andromeda, it’s not that surprising to see Mass Effect take a back seat for a while. However, it is disappointing to see one of my favorite franchises potentially be no more.

I criticized a lot about Mass Effect: Andromeda, but felt like it was a solid foundation to build future Mass Effect games on. The game felt bloated with all of the useless side quests, but the core of the game was enjoyable. I think that Bioware really needs to look at themselves as a developer and decide what they want Mass Effect to be.

Mass Effect 1 was a very hard science fiction RPG. The Codex in that game had so much information about gravity, mass effect fields, and space in general. There were brand new aliens, each with their own unique histories and cultures. Then, Mass Effect 2 became more of a shooter. The plot didn’t really move that much throughout the game. It was more of a character driven plot that focused on each member of your squad. However, it was still a very good game. Mass Effect 3 seemed to continue the idea that Mass Effect should be a third person shooter, but it introduced a little bit more of the customization that Mass Effect 2 took away from the player.

I think the downfall of Mass Effect started with the ending of Mass Effect 3. Everyone knows how bad the ending was. Mass Effect was unique because the decisions made throughout the games mattered. Characters and decisions carried over from game to game, so players expected a unique ending to their journey. However, players only got to choose three endings! There were no unique endings at all. Players were extremely angry because Bioware said that there wouldn’t be an A, B, and C type of ending. Bioware straight up lied to the fans about what they would experience. It made a lot of people question why they spent so much time playing Mass Effect for a terrible conclusion to the trilogy. Yes, the Extended Cut added some more information, but it should have been included in the base game.

Now on to Mass Effect: Andromeda.

The new combat system was amazing, but the animations and quests were lackluster. The story was okay, but it felt like a rehash of the original trilogy when it came to the Remnant. The Protheans were a mysterious race that disappeared, and the Remnant are a mysterious race that disappeared.

Andromeda suffered from some of the same mistakes that Dragon Age: Inquisition had. Dragon Age: Inquisition was a good game, but there was so much crap on the game map that it became a chore to complete all of the quests. A lot of the quests were known as “tasks”, which were essentially fetch quests.

When I was playing the Mass Effect: Andromeda, I wanted to experience all it had to offer. I was in a brand new galaxy with new characters and new everything. I wanted to complete the tasks because I thought I could experience new characters or reveal hidden secrets. Nope. Tasks are useless in every way possible. They serve no purpose in the game other than to provide filler. In fact, they took me out of the main story because the tasks had nothing to do with anything.

The worlds were also pretty bare other than the main hub areas. I couldn’t count how many of the same Kett outposts were on each world. It was pathetic because I could tell that Bioware just recycled the assets.

It’s sad to read that Mass Effect could be over because they were some of my favorite games of all-time. Mass Effect: Andromeda was a decent game, but it may be the last one we ever see.

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