Pokemon Platinum Team

I recently found my 3DS and all of the games that I bought several years ago sitting in a box when I was doing some cleaning. I found all of my old Pokemon games, and with Pokemon Go being so popular, I decided to pop in the oldest Pokemon game that I had…Pokemon Platinum.¬†Below is my Pokemon Platinum Team:



Infernape was the powerhouse of my team. With his high physical attack, high special attack, and speed, Blaziken overwhelmed most of my opponents. His defenses weren’t the best, but he could usually withstand one major attack before being knocked out.



Floatzel was the water Pokemon that I used throughout the game. Floatzel has high physical attack and speed, so I used waterfall a lot to take out other Pokemon. The problem was that Floatzel’s other stats are terrible. His defenses were useless, so he would go down quickly.


Roserade was my grass Pokemon. I was surprised to see how high Roserade’s special attack, special defense, and speed were. She was sort of a tank for me. I ran toxic on her, so I would use a lot of status effects to help my other Pokemon get the knock out.


I used Staraptor as my flying Pokemon. With high physical attack and speed, he was able to knock out a lot of Pokemon quickly. The only issue was his low defenses.


Garchomp was another powerhouse on my team. He is as powerful as a legendary Pokemon, so all of his stats were pretty high. I used him as an all around Pokemon, hitting hard when I needed him, or using him to take some damage while I heal the rest of my team.


My final Pokemon was Jolteon. Jolteon has extremely fast speed and high special attack, so I was almost always able to land the first hit KO. His other stats are okay, but overall he was a good Pokemon.

Overall, I think my Pokemon Platinum team was pretty good. I did have some problems do to the low defenses of some of my Pokemon, but I did have a great time playing the game.

Hoping that I can inform, entertain, or help you in any way :)

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