Zheros Review

Zheros Review

Don't buy Zheros

Here is my Zheros Review! It was available during the Games with Gold promotion and I played as much as I could (it wasn’t a lot). I played the first four missions, and honestly I just told myself that I couldn’t finish this game. It felt more like a chore than anything. When you get that feeling, you know that it’s going to be a long ride.

Developer: Rimlight Studios

Publisher: Rimlight Studios

What I liked about Zheros

  • The introduction music was really catchy and fun! I would just sit at the title screen and listen to it.
  • The visuals in this game are pretty decent. I liked the art style and the graphics weren’t too shabby either.

What I didn’t like about Zheros:

  • The gameplay in this game is incredibly repetitive. Kick, punch, kick, punch. There aren’t a lot of combos that I experienced because I played so little, so there may be more when the game opens up a bit.
  • There are only two characters that you can play as. It’s a little disappointing that you can’t even customize your character. It would have been a nice little addition for a game that only has to characters.
  • The level design isn’t really interesting. There is little interaction with the environment except bashing crates for health or ammo. A lot of the levels that I played looked the same as well.
  • The checkpoints in this game seem broken. I had to go back to what seemed like the beginning of the level when I died, which was very frustrating.

Misc (doesn’t count towards review):

  • This game is pretty difficult so keep that in mind when playing.
  • I paid absolutely nothing for this game. I downloaded it for free during the Games with Gold sale, and deleted it soon after.
Final Grade:


Sunset Overdrive Review

Sunset Overdrive

Sunset Overdrive

Recently Sunset Overdrive was one of the free games with the Games with Gold program. I decided to download it and see what it was all about. I saw all of the ads when the game first game out, but it didn’t really appeal to me, and I didn’t want to buy a $60 game with limited multiplayer. Here are my thoughts on the game!

What I liked:

  • I really like the art style of this game. It was refreshing to play a game like this with the amount of games that are trying to appear as realistic as possible with dark and grey colors. This game is very colorful and a joy to look at.
  • With the amount of enemies the game has on screen, I didn’t experience any frame-rate drops. Always a plus for me!
  • There is a wide variety of guns that you can use. You start off with a few guns, but are able to purchase guns with overcharge. The weapon designs are really cool, and some of the effects are hilarious. I did find myself only using 4-5 guns while playing because they seemed to work best for me.
  • Traveling around the city. You can grind, bounce, wall run, and do all sorts of things that quickly move your character around the city. I maybe used fast travel a few times because doing all of the things that I mentioned are incredibly fun, and it reminded me of playing a Tony Hawk game (when they were good).
  • The upgrade system. It is pretty straight forward. If you want to upgrade your single shot weapons, then use them! If you want to upgrade your grinds, then grind more often! It is really simple, yet effective.

What I didn’t like:

  • The story. I like games that have a compelling story with interesting characters and lore. This isn’t that kind of game. If you are looking for a story driven game, then this won’t tickle your fancy. The characters are certainly unique, but they aren’t really interesting and are a little cliche.
  • The side quests. Each side quest feels like a fetch quest. Collect these comics, find these parts to upgrade the vats, etc. There isn’t a lot of variety in the side quests and I found myself getting a little bored doing them all.

Final Grade:

I liked Sunset Overdrive. It was free so keep that in mind when reading my review, so my feelings toward the game may have changed if I paid $60. If you are looking for a game that doesn’t take itself seriously and like shooting things, then check it out!


Top 10 Ways to Cope with Depression

Depression can seem like 1000 pounds, but there are ways to cope.


Notice the keyword “cope” not “cure”. Anyway here are my top 10 ways that I cope with my depression. Hopefully they will help you as well!

  • Talk with a therapist: I see my therapist once a week. Sometimes I go in with nothing to talk about, but other times I go in and run my mouth for an hour. The best part is that they listen when needed most. It’s a good way to discuss other ways to cope with depression as well.
  • Talk with my partner: If you have a partner, it may be a good idea to talk with them as well. I talk to my fiancee’ all the time about my issues and she listens. She is very supportive and offers suggestions if I need them.
  • Start a Blog! Write your feelings down before bed: This helps me get everything out of my system before bed time. If you are anything like me, you may struggle with falling asleep and keeping your mind at ease. By starting a blog or journal, you will get all of those thoughts out of your head and they will stay out!
  • Eat healthy foods: Sounds easy enough right? Wrong. For me, the struggle can be simply just eating enough when I am really depressed. That or I live off of fast food. Cut the fast food out and prepare your own meals. Even if it comes out of a box and is already prepared, it’s probably better than getting fast food.
  • Exercise: This one can be hard when it is difficult to even muster the strength to get out of bed. There are numerous studies out there that suggest exercising can reduce some of the effects of depression. You don’t have to spend an hour at the gym, just go outside for a 10-15 minute walk and move around. You’d be surprised how well this can help.
  • Do something you enjoy: Right now I am reading Game of Thrones and watching the Clone Wars on Netflix.
  • Find a place that you can relax: I like to go to a local pond and just sit and watch the ducks and geese fly and float around. This is really peaceful to me and it is just something simple that I enjoy.
  • Play or pet an animal: I have three cats so there is always something going on. Playing with your animals is a good way for them to get exercise, and it get you off your feet as well. There are some studies out there that suggest petting an animal can be very beneficial as well.
  • Take your medications: Even if you are feeling better, it is very important that you take your medications as long as your doctor thinks you need them. Suddenly stopping your medications can be very dangerous.
  • Getting your sleep right: I oversleep, so I need to make sure that I don’t sleep too much. I try and set an alarm and get 7-8 hours of sleep per night. Some people don’t sleep at all, so the goal is to get enough sleep. Try turning off electronics before bedtime and use the bedroom for sleep only. Turn off lights early as well.

Does Facebook Cause Depression?

I’ve been seeing this a lot lately on some websites, and I even heard it discussed on ESPN radio! It’s the age old question. Does Facebook cause depression? Okay, maybe it’s not in the same category as why are we here, but it’s still an interesting question I’d like to answer.

Short answer: No.

Long answer: No, but…..

Facebook cannot cause depression. Depression is usually a biological condition that has a lot to do with the brain and neurons and a bunch of stuff that I’m not smart enough to explain. If you want more information about depression, then check out Webmd or another health website.

Now Facebook can make someone who has depression or symptoms of depression even worse. When you think about Facebook, what are some of the things that people post on there?

  • Statuses about major life events that are usually positive such as an engagement or a new job.
  • Pictures of people socializing, usually having fun and smiling.
  • Pictures of going on a trip or doing something new and exciting.

All of these things are so positive and happy. It can really make someone who has depression think to themselves “Man, my life sucks compared to those guys”. When in reality, your life probably doesn’t suck. People on Facebook aren’t going to post too much about a break up, or death in the family. They’re not going to post pictures of themselves after something like this occurs either. We don’t post pictures of what we look like right after we got out of bed. Girls rarely post pictures without makeup, and guys wouldn’t post a picture of themselves bench pressing 45 pounds at the gym. People want the world to see them at their best, not their worst.

We only post what we want others to see. All of our statuses and pictures are a facade of what we want people to believe our life is really about.

It’s important to remember this when browsing Facebook or any other social media site. These things that we see online are only snapshots of peoples lives. We have no clue how they are really feeling. Maybe they are only posting things to get others to “like” what they share. Maybe they need that to boost their self-esteem.

If you do feel like Facebook causes you to feel sad, then it may be a good idea to give up social media for awhile or limit your use. This way you won’t be focusing on other people too much.

I hope this article informed you a little bit about the role of Facebook and depression. Leave a comment below stating what you think!

Embarrassed by Depression

Depression can be embarassing

Being embarrassed by depression is one of the worst things about having depression. Still after being diagnosed in September, there are some days when I just lay in bed and feel sorry for myself. I know this isn’t healthy, but it’s tough.

Talking with my therapist has helped with my feelings of embarrassment immensely. One of the things that I had to realize what that depression is common and it affects a lot more people than I had ever realized. Now it sucks that so many people out there have mental health issues, but it does create a giant support group for people.

Mental health issues are in a whole different ball game when it comes to illness. If you go to the store for example, there’s a 99% chance that no one would suspect that you have any sort of illness. There are no physical or obvious signs that you are suffering.

Now compare that to a broken arm. If you walk into the same store, everyone will know that you broke your arm and are in some sort of pain.

For me, one of the biggest sources of embarrassment was that my appearance suggests that I am perfectly fine. I’m in decent shape, look okay, so what’s my problem?

It was really hard to get over this and become okay in my own skin. With the help of my therapist and just reading the stories of others who are struggling with depression, it has helped me become a little more okay with who I am.

Everyone has their own problems. Whether it is a health problem or something else, my problem is depression and I’m okay with that. You can do be okay with it too. Just try your best. It’s a long journey, and things will get better over time.