This Will Make You Hurt – Logan (2017) Review

Logan Review

I went into Logan with some expectation that the movie was going to be good. The first trailer immediately sold me on the movie because it didn’t look like other comic book movies that have come out in the last couple of years. It presented the movie in a gritty environment with Wolverine looking beat up and tired. That piqued my interest because a lot of the Marvel movies look clean and vibrant, so it was refreshing to see something more realistic and grounded. I’m glad that Deadpool was so successful with the R rating because it led the way for Logan to be made.

Logan was an amazing movie. I would say that it is my favorite comic book movie of all time. For perspective, I’ve seen almost every comic book movie since the first X-Men movie came out in 1999. The thing is, Logan doesn’t really feel like a comic book movie. I think that we’re all used to the Marvel formula at this point. Marvel doesn’t like to take a lot of risks when it comes to their cinematic universe. I understand that because they keep on making crazy amounts of money.

Logan takes a big risk with the R rating AND being the final movie for Hugh Jackman playing Wolverine. It was also the final movie for Patrick Stewart playing Professor X. These were characters that we all grew up with, through the good and bad X-Men movies. Luckily, the risk paid off big time.

Wolverine is old and his mutant abilities aren’t what they used to be. Professor X has a brain degeneration disease that causes him to have seizures that are so powerful, they paralyze people around him. Things aren’t going well for the duo. Wolverine works as a cab driver to pay for Professor X’s medications. All other mutants were mysteriously killed, and it seems like they are the only ones left. They even mention that they both want to buy a ship and head out to sea.

However, they soon learn of Laura’s (X-23) existence. This is where the movie starts to pick up from a rather slow start. I won’t go into full plot spoiler details because they can be read on Wikipedia.

Logan and Laura

What I Liked About Logan

The best part of the movie isn’t the action, it’s the interaction between Wolverine, Professor X, and Laura. Professor X mentions several times in the movie that family is what life is all about. As the movie progresses and the trio have to overcome adversity, you see them develop into a family. In one scene, Wolverine refers to Professor X as his dad, and Laura as his daughter in a joking way. But that’s exactly how the characters behave. Professor X tries to convince Wolverine to help Laura escape. Wolverine takes care of Charles like he is his dad. Wolverine also watches over Laura as if she was his daughter. They all try to take care of each other. I really felt like they were a family as the movie progressed.

A lot of people were excited about the R rating because of the potential brutal action scenes. They sure used the R rating to the fullest effect. Wolverine and Laura hack and slash into people and it’s gruesome as hell. But I’m glad to see all of that gore because Wolverine was designed as the ultimate soldier and killing machine. In the previous X-Men movies, there was hardly any blood or limbs being chopped off. In Logan, you get a pretty clear picture that Wolverine was made to kill.

There is one scene where we learn how Laura became X-23. It was shot with a cell phone camera, and I don’t know what it was about the scene, but it was haunting to see the kids being used as test experiments to create new mutants that would be used for the corporation’s own gain. The R rating helped here because the experiments were gruesome and chilling. It tied nicely into how Wolverine received his own adamantium skeleton. These kids were being turned into soldiers without their consent. Once Wolverine learns this, he starts to care more about Laura because he doesn’t want her to become what he became. A killing machine who always lost the people he loved.

Laura, who is the biological daughter of Wolverine, said that here goal was to make it to a place called Eden across the Canadian border. She got that information from reading an X-Men comic book. I thought that this was a really clever choice because she met actual X-Men, and believed that Eden would be safe for her. She believes more in the X-Men than Wolverine does. However, as their relationship develops, Wolverine goes along with Laura’s plan. She is optimistic about her future, while Wolverine just wants it all to be over with.

At the end, Wolverine helps Laura and the other mutant kids make it across the border to safety. However, he is fatally wounded in the process and his healing powers can heal him in time. It was really emotional to hear Laura call Wolverine her daddy because that what he was to her.

The final scene with the cross being turned into an X was just fantastic. Even though Wolverine died, he still was the good guy that helped the mutants escape. X-Men try to do what is right, and even a killer like Wolverine can do what’s right when it counts.

Professor X in Logan

I’ve seen some reviews that have criticized the ending because it wasn’t “happy”, but the movie wasn’t a happy movie. Sure there were some comedic moments, but Wolverine has gone through so much throughout his life. He’s seen people die over and over, and he was even suicidal. His powers had diminished, and he just seemed unhappy overall. But, like a true X-Man, he did the noble thing and helped the young mutants escape and start their own lives. He even told Laura to learn from this and don’t become what they made you. Laura was made to be a killing machine, but Wolverine told her not to become what he did, and don’t make the same mistakes. He passed on his legacy to Laura and the rest of the mutants, but with a sense of hope.

Logan Final Grade

Logan was an amazing movie. It has drama, comedy, action, and gore. It’s an emotional roller coaster filled with F-bombs and claws chopping off heads. But it’s also a story of how one man can suit up one last time to redeem himself and find his purpose in life.





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