Lamictal Helps to Balance the Mood

Lamictal (Lamotrigine) has been a staple in my depression treatment for the past year. I made a YouTube video about it awhile back (which is linked below), but I wanted to make an update and inform you of any changes that I’ve noticed over the months.

Lamictal Update (Jan. 2017)

As I said above, I’ve been taking Lamictal for probably about a year now. It wasn’t one of the medications that I first started to take when I was diagnosed with clinical depression. In fact, it was prescribed to prevent my mood swings. After taking Lexapro for so long, my mood started to improve. However, I noticed that my mood would improve too much and I had a hard time sleeping and had this over abundance of energy. This was really annoying because I would have all of this energy one second, and the next second I would be asleep on the couch.

My depression had gotten better, but my therapist advised me that these mood swings could get worse if they weren’t treated. So I went on Lamictal. I take 100 mg each night with the rest of my medications.

After a year, I haven’t noticed any negative side effects at all. This was amazing at the time because a lot of the other medications I had been trying had awful side effects.

After a couple of weeks I noticed that my mood seemed to be more stable. I wasn’t too high or too low. A lot of people think that mood stabilizers make you feel like a zombie, but that wasn’t the case for me. I felt wonderful. I think that mood stabilizers have a bad reputation because some people react in a way that makes them feel like a zombie. It’s questionable to label an entire type of medication like this because for some people they do¬†work. It’s just another stigma that people with depression have to overcome.

Overall, I have been really happy with Lamictal. My dose has been the same for the past year, and the past year has been pretty good for me.

As always, contact your doctor before taking any medications. Even if it works for me, it may not work for you. I’m not a doctor. Always talk with your doctor first.

Hoping that I can inform, entertain, or help you in any way :)

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