Why did Hillary Lose?

I think Hillary Clinton lost because of arrogance. First I will say that I was a Hillary supporter because I did not agree with any of the racist and misogynistic views that Donald Trump had (still has). I voted for President Obama in 2008 and 2012, and will admit that I am a liberal. I believe that all people, no matter what race or religion they believe in, need to be treated fairly and protected under the law.

Hillary Clinton assumed that the rust belt states (Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania) would be blue. Historically these states have turned out to be blue in previous elections, but this time it was different. A lot of people who live in the rust belt are blue-collar workers who bust their butts every day to earn their paycheck. They may work in a coal mine, manufacturing plant, or something along those lines.

These workers are seeing their jobs go away. Manufacturing has been outsourced to different countries in order to cut costs, and machines have been replacing human labor for years.

Coal miners are seeing their jobs disappear because coal is a limited resource. Coal is a fossil fuel that we will eventually run out of, so it is logical to assume that jobs will decrease. Also, with global warming becoming more of a concern, coal is a resource that the United States is trying to get away from. There is no such thing as clean coal. Coal pollutes the environment and will run out one day.

These blue-collar workers are seeing their jobs and livelihoods change considerably. Their main goal is to provide for their families and make sure that they can pay the bills each month. Donald Trump reached out to these voters and tried to appeal to them by saying that he will try to get their jobs back. Hillary Clinton ignored them.

I think this is one of the biggest reasons that Hillary Clinton lost the election. She didn’t appeal to the rust belt workers as well as Donald Trump did. Hell, Bernie Sanders beat Hillary Clinton in Michigan and Wisconsin. But Hillary and her campaign just assumed that those states would stay blue because they usually always go blue. If I were a voter in Michigan or Wisconsin, I would be a little concerned that one of the candidates didn’t even visit my state to offer some solutions. Donald Trump spent a lot of time talking with those voters, while Hillary Clinton did not.

Instead, Clinton spent a lot of her time in red states such as Arizona. There’s a large population of Hispanic voters in Arizona, but it is traditionally a red state. Hillary Clinton’s overconfidence led her to try to convert red states instead of preserving blue states.

Hillary Clinton also didn’t have the appeal of Barack Obama. President Obama is a charismatic leader who inspires people. He is a good role model and someone to look up to. Clinton had too much baggage with her foundation and emails. Voters didn’t trust her. She represented the establishment, and people don’t trust the establishment.

Donald Trump was an outsider. He was charismatic like President Obama. He seems like a larger than life kind of person. He comes off as natural. Hillary Clinton comes off as a rehearsed robot who seemed to tell people what they wanted to hear.

In the end, Hillary Clinton took voters for granted and didn’t appeal to them. Donald Trump appealed to his base, and made all of the right moves.

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