Captain Cutter Build Season 2

Captain Cutter Season 2 Build

There have been a lot of changes going on in Halo Wars 2, and I wanted to share a build that has been giving me some success. I only play ranked 3v3 because I enjoy the massive battles, but this also means that I’m paired with some teammates that may not be the best. I should note as of writing this blog post, I am a Gold 5 rank. I have been trying a lot of different leaders, but have found the most success with Captain Cutter.

I really haven’t used Captain Cutter in Halo Wars 1 or Halo Wars 2, so I am surprised to see so much success with him. Captain Cutter is famous for his ODST drops, which I honestly don’t use that much. Here is what I do in most of my games.

  1. I build one generator and four supply pads. I fully upgrade all of my supply pads and generator before getting to tech two.
  2. I am also pumping out as many Marines as I can, and I capture a mini-base and build another generator. I also start collecting as many resources as I can, and out pressure on the closest opponent.
  3. I get grenade throw ability for my Marines, which really help with scout vehicles.
  4. By now I’m in tech two, so I build a barracks and an airpad. I also try to expand to another base.
  5. With my barracks, I build some Snipers and Cyclops to see what the opponent has in store. If I see a heavy infantry army, then I go with Snipers. If I see scouts and vehicles, I go with Cyclops and Hornets. I also throw in some Nightingales to heal the Marines that I build. If I see air units, I double down on fully upgraded Marines.
  6. I try to get three generators to quickly upgrade my units. Make sure to get Marines fully maxed out so they are effective against air units. Based on the enemy army, I upgrade either Snipers or Cyclops with their unit upgrades first, then I go for the general unit upgrades.
  7. Then I get an armory and increase my population and build speed. This helps me pump out units quicker.

This Captain Cutter build has been pretty successful for me as of late. I’m not sure how effective it is in the late game because most of my games end in the mid game depending on my teammates.

For the leader abilities, I max out the unit capture speed and overall speed because infantry units can be quite slow. I also get Turret Drop, ODST Drop, and Air Support. These powers work well for me because Turret Drop is a good distraction when assaulting an enemy base, or when you need some backup. ODST Drop is overall pretty god, and Air Support is useful for assaulting enemy bases.

I hope you try out this build and see if it works for you!

Hoping that I can inform, entertain, or help you in any way :)

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