Battlefield Hardline Review


Battlefield: Hardline Review - very average

* Note: this review was written on my old blog site before it crashed, so the formatting and style may be a little different than how I usually review games*

Battlefield: Hardline Campaign

Battlefield: Hardline spans ten campaign “episodes” that lasts for about six to eight hours. The story follows police detective Nick Mendes as he investigates a new drug called Hot Shot. Throughout the story, Nick deals with crooked cops and political backstabbing. He and his partner Khai travel throughout Miami and fight thieves, mobsters, gangsters, or whatever you’d like to call them.

Fair warning, I played the campaign on the veteran difficulty.

The Good:

  • I really liked the fact that you could decide whether you wanted to go in guns blazing or take a more stealthy route. It was a refreshing experience to have in a Battlefield game.
  • The investigation sub-plots that they included were interesting at first, but the way they implemented them was questionable. Instead of having me use my phone to find everything (that was already marked), I would have preferred it if I had to stumble across these on my own. Using my phone was too easy, and it became repetitive after a while.
  • The weapons sound great! Each weapon packs a punch, especially if you are using headphones or some sort of surround sound.
  • The taser. I found myself using this a lot more than the other weapons I was given.
  • The first three or four levels are not too bad. I enjoyed using the new “freeze” system and discovering more about Hot Shot and who was supplying it.

The Bad:

  • While I appreciate the fact that Visceral tried to make an interesting detective story, they forgot that Nick was a detective and not a soldier. When I think of a detective, I picture finding clues and solving mysteries. When I play as a detective in Battlefield: Hardline, I blow things up and shoot people.
  • After about the fourth level, the story and game design fall apart. Instead of being a detective, I am driving a tank around (what cop knows how to drive a tank?), using a AC-130 (Call of Duty rip-off?), and blowing everything up in general.
  • The “freeze” mechanic that Visceral added was interesting at first, but makes little sense when you think about it. Why are all of these criminal who wield assault rifles willing let you arrest them? Why are they not fighting back or letting their buddies know that a cop is here to arrest them? Does Nick have an unlimited supply of handcuffs?

The Ugly:

  • Why is that guy flying a helicopter in the middle of a firework show? Who thinks of this?
  • Story. Nick was supposed to be a good guy, we get it. It is shown from the very beginning that Nick is going to go against the grain and be a good cop. I guess it doesn’t matter anymore because he’s a felon in three states and he has a crap ton of gold now.
  • The AI. It is beyond laughable. Khai doesn’t do anything for you the entire game. I think she may have killed one or two enemies throughout my entire playthrough. The enemies are horrendous as well. Here’s a trick. Shoot someone and let the enemy know where you are. Then find a place with good cover. Watch as every enemy in the area slowly makes their way towards you so you can kill them all. Rinse and repeat.

Battlefield: Hardline Multiplayer

As of today, I have played about twenty hours of multiplayer. If you are a fan of previous Battlefield games, then you will enjoy what you get. If you are a new Battlefield player, then here are my impressions.

Instead of unlocking everything by level, you now earn money that can be used to unlock weapons, gadgets, and grenades. I like this style a little bit more than what the previous games offered because I can pick and choose what loadouts I want no matter what level I am.

There are a few new modes in BFH. The first mode is Heist. It is essentially Rush in Hardline form. The criminals must raid a vault and deliver two packages to a pre-determined area before the cops can stop them. If you were a fan of Rush in the previous games, then you will enjoy this mode. I found myself liking Rush a lot more than Heist, but it is a good mode to play when you want a break from Conquest.

Another new mode is Blood Money. The cops and criminals battle over a pile of money that is located in the middle of the map. Both teams have to bring the piles of dollars back to their base. The opposing team has the opportunity to raid the vault of the enemy team to turn the tide of the battle. It is a pretty fun game type that allows for some interesting tactics and strategies.

I find myself spending most of my time playing Conquest, which is odd because I never played Conquest in Battlefield 4.

There are other modes like Hotwire (easy way to earn XP), but they didn’t really click with me, so I stick with the three modes above.



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